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Why choose an apartment hotel?

Short media statement from Therese Larsson, Head of Sales & Marketing at HOOM Home & Hotel:

It is becoming progressively more common for companies to work on projects that straddle city boundaries and national borders. The person needed for a particular project is flown in and stay temporarily, sometimes for a few weeks or months in a row, during the period over which the project extends. As an employer, it is necessary to provide attractive accommodation solutions, as part and parcel of remaining competitive with respect to retaining the most effective project leaders and best employees.

”To attract the right kind of labour force, it’s vital to create the prerequisites for employees to do a good job”, says Therese Larsson, responsible for sales and marketing at HOOM Home & Hotel, a hotel complex where the main aim is to transform the way that people live when they require temporary accommodation. The key objective is to provide new standards of quality and value.

Press contact:

Therese Larsson

+46 77 550 04 00