Stylishly designed and bright, open-plan apartments

Stylishly designed and bright, open-plan apartments


HOOM Home & Hotel is located on the Veddesta industrial park, situated to the north west of Stockholm.  


  • Constructed during 2018 and opened in April
  • Two separate buildings linked by a glazed centre section
  • Bright hotel lobby
  • Meeting room
  • Fitness centre
  • Laundry room 


The entrance and car park are to be found at the front of the hotel. To the rear lies forest which can also be seen from the hotel lobby and fitness centre.


Behind the building’s anthracite-grey facade and large windows, there are 153 smart and well-planned apartments. Each apartment is 25 square meters and is well designed to provide ample space for the preparation of food, recreation and socialising. 

  • Kitchen diner section
  • Living room corner section 
  • Sleeping alcove


Each apartment benefits from the ingress of daylight through floor to ceiling glazing and a glass balcony door leading out on to the apartment’s three-square meter balcony. 


The entire hotel has a modern Scandinavian design, benefitting from beautiful shades and hues. This is reflected in the fittings and proprietary materials used throughout. The architect for the project is Andreas Martin-Löf, who among other accolades, won the Architect of The Year Award for 2014. He has previously developed buildings of cultural significance and is counted as an innovator in the field of modern architecture.