With us you can find a home as well as a hotel

With us you can find a home as well as a hotel



Sometimes your job takes you away from home for a while. The company gets an assignment in Stockholm and you need to be there on the spot for a few days, two to three weeks or even several months at a time. Regardless of which it turns out to be, it’ll be too long to stay in a hotel and too short a time for you to move here.


Being on business away from home can be tiresome enough in itself. This is when secure, trouble free and relaxing accommodation is of the essence so that you and your employees are able to focus upon the job in hand.


At HOOM Home & Hotel, you stay in your own apartment with access to all the conveniences of a hotel. Our apartments are perfectly suited to companies needing short or long-term accommodation for employees working on contracts in and around Stockholm. 



At HOOM Home & Hotel, individuals who are visiting Stockholm are welcome to make reservations, exactly as they would for a traditional hotel.


The main advantage with making a booking at HOOM Home & Hotel is that you have access to your own apartment with a modern and functional kitchen, tiled bathroom with shower, extra beds in the bed sofa and a lovely comfortable bed – all this instead of just a traditional hotel room.


Stay overnight, over the weekend or for a week. With us, you’ll find a tasteful, smart and practical alternative to traditional hotels.