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Information about safety procedures at HOOM HOME & HOTEL


To minimize the risk of spreading the new Corona virus, HOOM HOME & HOTEL has introduced new safety procedures.

For HOOM HOME & HOTEL, the safety and care of our guests and employees is a top priority. We closely follow the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Authority and have taken several precautionary measures to prevent and ensure health and to minimize concern and risk of contagion in the hotel.

We have extended our cleaning routines, reinforced guidelines on hand hygiene and how to act to reduce the spread of infection. We have placed disinfectant in common areas and regularly sterilize tables, handles and surfaces.

We encourage our employees and guests to be extra diligent with hand hygiene.

For those guests who have booked a room including breakfast, we recommend that you have breakfast in the hotel room. We have displayed trays in the breakfast section and in the forthcoming time we will offer more pre-packaged breakfast products.

For questions and answers about the Corona virus, please refer to the Swedish Public Health Authority and the Swedish Public Care Guide: